Blasted away a few wintry cobwebs with a twelve mile circuit of Penzance Bay around St.Michael’s Mount and for a nose into bustling Newlyn docks.Actually it wasn’t bustling at all because it was dawn on a Sunday in the middle of winter, but the two words ‘bustling’ and ‘docks’ go hand in hand and I don’t want to mess things up.I launched from the slipway in Penzance harbour and cunningly arrived at the Mount as the sun peeped up:

St Michael's Daybreak

I’m definitely a sunrise person as opposed to a sunset one. No idea why. Also I can’t explain why I suddenly noticed the sky today. I’m sure it’s been there in all the other kayaking trips I’ve done but more as a sort of backdrop. Today it was right there in my face all the time.

Bit of sky with nice coloured bits in

Oh, of course, I know why. St. Ives is only just over the hill and the arty types there are forever going on about how special the light and sky is over there. I reckon that their bit of sky has just nipped down here for a day out and after doing all sorts of fancy stuff like spectacular sunrises and rainbows, it might have a bit of a sulk and go all thundery…….

Moody Michael

before cheering right up and then going back to St. Ives leaving a more typical and less intrusive skyscape overhead and allowing me to keep my eyes at sea level and do a bit of bird spotting.There’s supposed to be a rare Pacific diver offshore at Marazion but although I passed six or seven Divers (loons) I only got close enough to identify a couple as Great-Northern Divers (Common Loons). Rather depressingly one seemed to have some fishing line caught in its beak.

Common Loons

I was shadowed out of Newlyn by a beam trawler setting off to pulverise a few more acres of seabed. It was old and rusty and spooky.

Newlyn Beamer

Loads of my favourite Purple Sandpipers snoozing on the wave-splashed rocks at the Jubilee pool at Penzance. Had to jostle for position on the slipway amongst a horde of gig-boats.

Excellent paddle for mid-winter…..makes a change from cowering up a creek.