Couldn’t resist a quick paddle round the Bass Rock during a recent trip to bonnie Scotland. It’s a tiny island in the Firth of Forth and if you are a gannet fan like me you will be in heaven. Where else could you have two hundred six-foot wingspan aerial dive bombers circling overhead?…..


2 thoughts on “GANNETS GALORE

  1. Ye of good taste! I did the Bass on 23 May,the weather was about as good as it gets,this was part of my East Coast Holy Trinity,comprising of – Farne Island circumnavigation,S.t. Abbs to Fast Castle Head,and concluding with aforementioned Bass Rock jaunt.I am currently working on the Farnes video for Youtube,and will post a Bass Rock one thereafter,Both trips were from the very Topshelf,absolutely fantastic,as was yours I see around Lands End.When I saw your picture,I thought it was “Lawrence of Arabia”

    1. Great to hear from you, Frank-keep up with the youtubing. Yes,had one or two exciting days down here but it always seems to be a long wait for windless and swell-less days. Off to the scillies for a 5 day tour this weekend with motley crew of paddlers from Bude-pity I can’t interest anyone else in the long paddle to get there so will be taking the Scillonian.

      Cheers, Rupert

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