Bude Old Gits Autumn Kayak Fishing Epic 2009


On the plus side today was lovely and sunny; on the minus side a hefty swell and north wind meant we had to lurk in the shelter of Plymouth sound.

We launched at Cawsand and trolled a variety of sandeels and plugs round the corner to Rame head, catching a few pathetically small pollack. We soon got bored of bottom fishing off Rame as the sea was devoid of hungry fish.

Sunny Rame head
Sunny Rame head

So we about turned and tried trolling along the southern edge of the breakwater-surely nobody fishes here. We soon concluded that indeed nobody fished there because the largest pollack was about four inches long.

Plymouth breakwater
Plymouth breakwater

Lunch beckoned and we had hefty appetites and anyway neede to gorge out as that’s what depressed fishermen do when they don’t catch any fish. But wait! what are those glistening flappy things on your feathers, Austen? A couple of mackerel. Crikey.

Anyway we hauled up on Bovisand beach but didn’t have a lot to eat ‘cos we had forgottten to pack it. I even had to share my Spar  king sized Bakewell Tart (yes….gone off Somerfield fruit cake) with Austen but at least I got the glace cherry.

Giant Bakewell tart with 1972 trainspotting manual for size comparison
Giant Bakewell tart with 1972 trainspotting manual for size comparison

With our calories reloaded we decided to paddle right round the edge of the sound so at least we would have a decent kayak trip if there weren’t alot of fish…….and then I  hooked a bass-albeit a bit teeny.

Don't care if it's small-it's a bass
Don't care if it's small-it's a bass

And as we approached Mountbatten breakwater we both hauled in a garfish-don’t think it was the same one!

Austen's slithery garfish
Austen's slithery garfish

We had a great hot sunny paddle sheltered from the wind along the front of Plymouth Ho, ogled at a few expensive yachts, and then managed to find ourselves strugging against the tide, as we had been all day, back to Cawsand.

Crumby fishing, top paddle,top weather.


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