Cambeak-first proper fish of the season

17 April and it was flat calm on the North Cornwall coast. Woop-blooming-pee….about time. Anyway the hulking pollack that lurk around the reef off cambeak and had remained unfished for the previous months were about to get a nasty shock.


Today’s fishing squad comprised Pokey,Austen,Tim and yours truly,all in different yaks. OK,if you must know they were my Scupper pro,Austens Perception,Pokey’s Prowler and Tim’s smart new Malibu X -factor.

Pokey's pollacking brace
Pokey's pollacking brace

Pokey struck first with a couple of pollack that brought a smirk to his face. Tim’s handline got attached to something BIG….was it a mighty shark that makes Cambeak famous or was it a rock? Austen’s cerebral planning paid dividends when he hauled in some decent fish on his big sandeel paternoster, including fish of the day weighing in at over six pounds.

Austen scoops again
Austen scoops again

I got a sunburnt nose.


2 thoughts on “Cambeak-first proper fish of the season

  1. RE: the tay trip. The cow in the photo is a galloway cow, not an aberdeen angus heifer.
    I hope you bought fishing permits for each of the various sections of the tay that you fished.
    And you really should have taken some local advice from local kayakers about the various falls you negotiated – swimming through Campsie Lynn or Stanley weir was never considered remotely safe when I used to paddle there, stay in the boat and roll up or wait for rescue, dont bail out. Hell hole corner was not as bad as it sounds, but 1 major rock was to be avoided, as the stopper behind was serious, and I understand it claimed a life this year. I never heard of anyone paddling the mill canal either.

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